Walda Collins

Executive Chef/Owner
I began my journey as a culinary graduate from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of San Antonio. While a student, I realized that I wasn’t receiving the nutritional value I desired.  Coupled with a diagnosis of high blood pressure and a threat of diabetes, which has a long history in my family, I researched on my own and began a path of health and healing through food. Knowing that, not only my own family members, but many other families were suffering from chronic illnesses and needed help. I am a 23 year Marine Corps veteran who simply transitioned from ”Guns to Gourmet” utilizing my skills as a warrior and leader, teacher and trainer, to fight illnesses and guide you to feeling healthy and whole again. My culinary innovations morphed into multiple methods of identifying and creating a nutritional approach that strategically aligns and reconditions the body from the inside out.

“My love for cooking and baking has drawn me to meet some of the most wonderful people in life.”

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