CoCo Bistro ~ On-The- Go proudly serves comforting foods that are tailored for the health conscious. Enjoy foods with flavor and flair! Our “Crafted Menu” allows you options without the hassle of customizing a specific menu. We take all the guess work out with a preset menu each week.

Is our menu right for you?

If you are a busy professional, mom-on- the-go, an athlete or looking for chef-prepared healthy meals, then look no further. Our services allow you to take a break from cooking and allows you to focus on your family, career and have more quality time. The greatest part is, the cost is minimal in comparison to hiring an in-home personal chef.


Here's how it works

Select your choice of 3 items from The Crafted Menu which includes (soup, salad, and entrées) for 2 people or family of 4. Our team of professional chefs take great care in preparing meals that include: Vegetarian, Paleo, Detox for Weight Loss and Elite Pro Nutrition.

Vegetarian: This meal plan allows you to incorporate more plant-based meals andless meat, which improves your intake of key nutrients while reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Paleo: This meal plan is designed to eliminate foods that contain allergens for some(ie. Dairy, grains, refined sugar and legumes). The meals in this plan are unprocessed, whole foods high in fruits, vegetables and protein.

Detox For Weight Loss: Lose weight and feel great. The right combination of food and routine can help you shed the unwanted excess pounds. This plan is chocked full of great tasting foods high in protein, good carbs and healthy fats.

*Elite Pro Nutrition: Our focus here is a little different. This plan is designed to fuel your body and power through your most intense workouts. The frequent meals (5 per day) helps to optimize your metabolism and increase stamina for the ultra-workout.

Chef Crafted Menu
Each week we will provide you with the Chef Crafted Menu. Just choose your meals and pay.
Initial Consultation
Chef Walda will conduct an initial consultation to understand how we can better serve you.
Meals Delivered To Your Fridge
Your chef prepared meals will be delivered right to your fridge on your scheduled delivery date. Just heat, eat and enjoy!