Group AlignMint


My signature 21 Day Health Challenge, Want It Like Your Life Depends On It, attracts an online community of healthy pioneers (and healthy pioneers to be!)—of all nutritional ranks. This program is designed to support and align your healthy lifestyle changes.

In our 21-day program we get back to the basics with whole food meals, self-care, and get your groove back through exercise and personal support. I’ll be your guide, along with a community of like-minded health pioneers, as we create a couture nutritional alignment that fits you specifically, to be strategically aligned for LIFE.

21Day Health Challenge

» Bring your toughest nutritional questions to our coaching calls and Facebook support community.

» Explore and have fun trying out easy and delicious recipes.

» Enjoy fun-filled shopping trips with your new nutritional and meal planning inspirations.

“Want It Like Your Life Depends On It” 21-Day Health Challenge is designed to get you better keenly aligned with your body through holistic strategies, virtual empowerment, and just the right amount of guidance. You’ll say good-bye to the “muffin-top”— clients have reported losing 5-7 lbs during this challenge.